2017 Branding & Identity

Frenchie’s Floral Studio

We worked closely with Frenchie’s founders Jason Clifton and Jeremy Bauer, as well as a floral designer, to develop a logo that represented the floral studio’s aesthetic and principles, mixing organic and geometric elements. Each flower, leaf, branch and berry was hand drawn, inked with pen and brush, then digitized to create a scaleable vector graphic. The selection and arrangement of elements were thoughtful, as with the floral designs Frenchie’s provides.

Green Elephant Gardens

The name was inspiration enough for this branding project. The logo was hand inked before being converted to a vector graphic, giving it more of a block print feel with organic texture. The subtle lines hint at the company’s business, without being too overt.
Green Elephant Gardens on Facebook


Persisters is a women’s art collective in Juneau, Alaska, with a focus on art as activism, expression and self care. Each artist created a work or multiple works for the show, in media ranging from oil and acrylic paints to fiber arts to sculpture and metal working. The first show was held in May 2017 and more shows are anticipated in the future. The logo was designed to be representative of resistance, art, friendship and a bit of edge. The surface pattern design that accompanies the logo uses the same stylized, flat imagery and graphic stripes.

Kingfisher Services

Southeast Alaska’s fishing industry creates a need for business and courier services so fishermen can focus on their hard work. Kingfisher Services brings together Deb’s considerable experience running numerous businesses with her family’s background in fishing. The logo draws from the obvious avian inspiration, with a modern but still hand-crafted feel.