2016 Branding & Identity

Travel Juneau

Travel Juneau is the go-to organization for travel and tourism in the capital city. Whether providing resources to tourism businesses, arranging for conventions and conferences, or providing volunteers to provide information to Juneau’s visitors, Travel Juneau is known for excellence. As the organization grows and changes with time, they decided their image needed to catch up.
They sought something modern that could represent all of what Juneau has to offer, without leaving things out. After in-depth discussions, we decided on an abstract representation of Juneau. The end result can appear as many things to many people, from glacial ice to islands in the Gastineau Channel, and it hints at fine art. We were inspired by the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves and topographic maps of Juneau. The final logo design is something we’re all proud of.

Seaside Yarns

If you need high quality and hand-dyed yarn in Juneau — and let’s face it, many of us do — you turn to Seaside Yarns. Melissa wanted to update her logo to reflect her craft and clientele and had a clear vision in mind. We were able to bring to life her knitting mermaid concept for a fresh new logo. It features handmade touches while still being clean and infinitely scaleable. No pun intended.

Northern Lights Indoor Gardens

This Sitka-based business started out with growing aromatic herbs before adding cannabis to its menu. The silhouette of Mt. Edgecumbe gives the logo a sense of place, while the aurora formation expresses pretty clearly what the featured product is.
Northern Lights Indoor Gardens on Facebook

Bronze Betty Finery

Sarah is a talented jewelry designer in town, working with metal, beads and semi-precious stones. When she approached us for a logo, we were inspired by the jewelry itself. She needed something simple enough to print in one color, so we went for graphic gemstones and high contrast text. The asymmetry gives it a handmade feel that pairs well with her aesthetic.
Bronze Betty Finery on Facebook

Get Growing Indoor Garden Supply

Get Growing is the go-to spot for gardening supplies in Juneau. Trevor wanted a text-based logo to represent what they do. We drew inspiration from browsing the shop, where beautiful heirloom tomatoes and lush basil grow. Trevor has everything necessary to grow mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, herbs and more. We chose a font with imperfect and organic lines and replaced the ‘I’ with various hand-drawn plants and fungi sprouting up. The various options can be printed on signs or t-shirts for any occasion.

Fireweed Factory

Some clients know exactly what they want and just need a little help bringing it to life. We worked with the Fireweed Factory to develop a sketch into a fully realized logo design, focused on symmetry and proportion. We paired the geometric logo with a modern, condensed font that hints at some of Juneau’s historical influence.
The Fireweed Factory on Facebook

Fera Photography

Kaley is a vibrant personality and skilled photographer who brings creativity and style to all she does. The mama of two is devoted to her “wolf pups” and was drawn to nature, wolves and the moon. We brought in floral elements and text to create a circular negative space shape reminiscent of the moon as a backdrop for a howling wolf. The style is modern but organic, strong and feminine.


The City and Borough of Juneau wanted to rebrand its waste recycling and disposal services to be more representative of the breadth of its scope and to decrease confusion with other waste services in town. We brought in the familiar arrows to represent the recycling, but also included industrial and text elements to represent other facets of the hard-working department.
CBJ Recycleworks