2015 Branding & Identity

Rainforest Farms

Rainforest Farms may already be one of the biggest names in Alaska when it comes to cannabis. The Barrett brothers have been preparing for years to bring Juneau organically grown, custom cultivars and they’ve been featured in local and national media. The brothers wanted a logo that would work on everything from business cards to t-shirts to a variety of packaging for their future products. They wanted it to be place-based and subtle in its reference to marijuana. We brought in elements like Northern Lights and mountains, Juneau’s all too common fog and a tree line that, if you look carefully, is actually cannabis plants. We spent a lot of time picking the best green for the job, as well, comparing our color to a fresh leaf.

Mama Bear Birth Services

Christy is a local doula who wanted a logo that expresses the care and dedication she puts into her work with expectant and new moms. She came to us with a fun name that made this design project really enjoyable. Christy liked the Made in Alaska logo, but since that design is taken, she wanted another graphic representation of a mother and baby bear. After sketching some realistic bear poses, we leaned toward an embrace, which morphed right into the heart-shaped logo we decided on in the end. We provided Christy with a selection of logo files in the end in a variety of colors and textures, suitable for print or web. www.mamabearbirthing.com

The Taqueria

It’s hard to say if we love tacos or design more. But who has to choose? We had the opportunity to create a design for one of our favorite restaurants in early 2015. We wanted to create something with a clean, timeless aesthetic that could adorn signage, menus, t-shirts and more. Inspired by the menu of traditional Mexican dishes featuring ingredients from fresh vegetables and chiles to pork, beef, fresh Alaskan seafood and, as depicted here, chicken. The logo was designed to reflect the spirit of the cuisine and country without being too literal or venturing into cheese territory — save the cheese for our chiles rellenos!
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Juneau Cannabis Tours

With decriminalization of marijuana in Alaska, the state is presented with a burgeoning new industry, with many creative entrepreneurs stepping up to be among the first. Juneau Cannabis Tours is one of those businesses in Juneau, combining the region’s tourism industry and the state’s newest draw. The request was for a design that was both place-based and representative of its principal draw. The mountain range used as inspiration for the crest-shaped logo is the Chilkat range. The fonts and treatment of the logo reflect a rustic aesthetic, inspired by the state’s rugged independence and its history with mining. The colors are earthy, verdant and drawn from nature. The end result is a logo both modern and organic, which will represent the business well.

Honey Blondes

Honey Blondes is the sweet side business of a nurse who called Juneau home for a number of years. Amber is currently in Colorado, where the honey she uses in her caramels is sourced. Because wildflower honey is a key ingredient, Amber wanted to incorporate honey wands. She also was open to using a floral motif, as long as it wasn’t overly feminine. The graphic style with a stamped texture and the bold, sans serif font keep this design modern and hip. The first batch of Honey Blondes was available around Christmas 2015, with logos affixed. We love seeing the finished products, especially when they are this tasty!

Flats Fix-it Facility

When Marc Wheeler of Coppa contacted us with an idea to improve our neighborhood, we agreed to help bring the Flats Fix-it Facility to fruition. It’s a free, public bike maintenance stand with all the basic tools, located in one of Juneau’s key bike commute corridors. The first thing we did was help come up with a name that would be memorable and fun — who doesn’t love alliteration? Then we came up with a logo that will let people know at a glance what Flats Fix-it is all about. A bike wheel? Tools (that look like F’s)? Perfect. We also built a site that will always let people biking in Juneau know where they can stop to tune up a bike, whether they’re locals or visitors. The aesthetic is consistent with the branding, easy to read and fun. We designed a custom pattern for the background and brought the same font from the logo into the titling on the site. Many organizations and businesses partnered to make the project possible and Pixel & Plume is proud to number among them.

Tongass Crossfit

After many attempts at a more serious design featuring barbells or other weight lifting equipment, we heard nature’s call. Tongass CrossFit is named for the Tongass National Forest, a temperate rainforest that covers much of Southeast Alaska. It’s home to many living creatures, but the biggest of them all is the bear. A sketch of a buff bear carrying a log started as a bit of a joke, but soon became the favored design. CrossFit enthusiasts are notoriously serious about the fitness regime, but they can have a sense of humor, too. We think the buff bear will be an easily identifiable symbol of the business Ryan and Logan have worked so hard to build — and it will look great on a sweaty t-shirt.

Alaskan Scorcher

Alaskan Scorcher is a music project focused on ’60s Ska, Rocksteady, Garage Rock, Psych, Soul and various other types of music from different parts of the world. It began in 2011 with Jerry “DJ Doctor DJ” Jenkins and Todd “DJ Taco Todd” Mace having a time slot on our local radio station, 102.7FM KTOO. After a year, Scorcher moved to 100.7FM KXLL where you can listen in every Tuesday night from 8-10pm. At the five-year mark, Scorcher was overdue for some eye-catching branding. Pulling from imagery of the Psychedelic ’60s, the all-knowing eye was a perfect fit. It’s a 100 percent vector image, which makes it suitable for print media at any size. For example, the image was scaled down for 1″ buttons and scaled up for fliers.
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